Waff Max Recovery Rooms

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The perfect recovery amenity for your gym or club

Relax I Recover I Restore

The perfect recovery amenity for your gym or club: The Waff Max Classic and/or Max Elite can empower your facility, spa, or practice with a powerful tool that supports your clients in their recovery, stress reduction, decompression, pain relief, sleep quality, and mindfulness pursuits.

All it takes is setting up one or more Waff Maxes in your club or office as a relaxation station. You can also establish full-on recovery rooms, mindfulness sessions, and other offerings to provide amenities and/or paid services to your scope of service.

At A Glance:

  • Automatic decompression & pain relief

  • Stress relief & relaxation

  • Mindfulness & brain wave support

  • Deep wave sleep promotion

  • Perfect for a relaxation station or recovery room, or flowjo at your gym, wellness center, office, medispa, and beyond.

How It Works:

The Waff Max Classic and/or Waff Max Elite help support your clients restorative processes and mental health by providing a simple tool they can lay on and the rest takes care of itself.

By laying on the Waff for just 5-15 minutes alone, your clients can downshift their nervous systems, promote positive brain wave patterning, support deep sleep, as well as relieve pain and stress in the form of psychosomatic release.


We recommend adding one or more Waff Max stations to your gym, club, chiropractic office, massage practice, rehabilitation facility, medispa, therapy workflow, and beyond.

On top of the above benefits to better serve your clients and help more people, you can create an additional amenity offering or revenue service to your business.

With options for meditation stations, recovery rooms, mindfulness sessions, and stress less breaks at work, the possibilities are endless.

At a bare minimum, invite your clients and/or employees to spend just 5 to 15 minutes a day on a Waff Max at the end of their workout, body work, rehabilitation session, or on break.

That’s all it takes to experience the profound benefits of Waff, deload, and Feel The Flow.

Waff Mini Reactive Surface Trainers

Balance I Build I Burn I Strengthen I Move

The perfect add-on to drive results and engagement in your club, classes, or practice: Waff Minis and/or Mini Elites are a versatile swiss army knife that can create better results and outcomes in your clients’ mobility, stability, fitness, fat loss, strength gains, resilience, and overall conditioning level.

With an endless library of exercise options, Waff Minis can be integrated into your class offerings, as a results-driven innovation your trainers can implement, and as an all-levels challenge for any of your members in their own self-guided workouts.

At A Glance:

  • Balance, stability, injury resilience & rehabilitation

  • Posture & pain relief

  • Mobility

  • Strength through additional musculoskeletal and myofascial engagement

  • Conditioning & core training

  • Scales for an all-levels challenge

  • Perfect for mobile training, at home fitness, and in your facility or studio

How It Works:

Waff Mini Classics and Elites provide a versatile, portable, cost-effective training tool that’s appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Unlike “balance pads” or reactive surface trainers of the pass, Waff is the perfect blend of mobility and stability. The central spine and peripheral reactive surface ensures you’re putting your clients in solid positions while also giving them a sufficient challenge through the interactive surface component.

With a full library of exercise options available, you, your trainers, and your members can enhance their injury resilience, motor control & reflexes, mobility, cardiovascular health, posture, and greatly elevate their muscle activation levels for strength gains.

The versatility of the Waff means you can sit on it as well as do squats, lunges, core exercises, conditioning drills, isometric holds, yoga poses, stretching, mobilizations and beyond.

Waff is the perfect sensory training device to make your clients stronger, durable, and more mobile.


We recommend incorporating at least a few sets of Waff Minis to your practice, club, or class offerings.

They’re durable and easy to implement (including a FREE training app), which means both your trainers, instructors, and members can include them in their sessions with or without guidance.

We also recommend spicing up your fitness, dance, or yoga offerings with Waff in order to drive results while providing a fun, new, engaging challenge you can confidently introduce to any client who walks through the door.

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