Corporate Wellness Silver

Silver: Support for advancing age.

The Waff

The WAFF is a secure and comfortable support, which allows you to work effectively on all the mechanisms that minimize the negative impact of menopause or aging, and its physiopathological readjustments. Its use develops neuromuscular activation or deactivation, combining musculoskeletal mobility, coordination, balance and concentration. The objective is to reduce the effects of advancing age.

Waff specific solutions

The specific solutions developed within a Waff Studio make it possible to curb

increased cardiovascular problems and risks, blood circulation and venous return problems, loss of muscle tone, amyotrophy (loss of strength, density, muscle wasting), joint pain, diffuse muscle tension and poor postural compensation, loss of pelvic muscle tone, loss of performance of the musculoskeletal system: firmness, elasticity, tone, energy.

Restoring Self-Image through the school of movement through gentle accompaniment produces an instant effect on physical and mental resistance. Restoring the notion of control of your body through the experience of deep internal sensations, and the stimulation of your central nervous system, appears from the first minute of use.

Use of a waff

the Waff is accessible to all regardless of age, morphology or ability. As effective as it is fun, the results are immediately observable. The progression is long-term, it is measurable by each individual, the routine awakenings assimilated during the lessons are applicable on a daily basis.

Consequences of menopause in professional life Considering the consequences of menopause in professional life means taking into account a fundamental experience in the evolution of a woman and the repercussions on the activity of the company. Man is also affected by different stages, but the evolution is more discreet, more contained and its rhythm differs.

Menstrual disorders, deficiency of pelvic-perineal tone, menopause has consequences on efficiency, self-perception, self-confidence and relationship with others.

Physiological life, personal and professional life are in constant interaction. Neuro-motor efficiency depends on this awareness of adjustments to tend towards a harmony of feelings/actions/rhythms, whatever the moment. The disorganization due to estrogen and progesterone hormonal insufficiency, leads to the hormonal drop which can appear from the age of 45 or after an illness such as breast cancer. Hormonal dysregulation or change with decrease in estrogen and increase in estradiol causes bad stress, emotional disturbances and other organic functional disorders in women. The impact on the person is real, and the consequence on mood and energy at work is measurable, by the person concerned and his entourage. Hypersensitivity, bodily malaise, mood disorders, irritability, fatigue, slow change in body image, hot flashes, and disturbed concentration, constitute the procession of the effects felt during this inevitable period.

Les différents spectres du Waff selon sa taille :

  • Relaxation movement

  • Discharge the tensions

  • Tonifies correct posture

  • Stimulates listening to oneself

  • Reduces irritability, insomnia, back pain, headaches

  • Prevents loss of confidence and loss of self-esteem

  • Group lesson 12 people maximum themes:

  • Energizing sessions, breathing, recovery

  • Balance, centering and concentration sessions

  • Anti-stress sessions, relaxation, refocusing

  • Mobility sessions, range of motion, requests for aids

  • Organic, ecological anti-bloating / pelvic-perineal awareness sessions.

  • Stimulation sessions for the shoulders, spine and hips joint belts.

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