Eliminate stress through exercise and a Waff

Exercises performed on a Waff Mini or Waff Medium have more impact than on any other support.

The results are felt from the very first moments, all muscle chains are involved, and the duration is much shorter. We win on all the points.

Here is an example of measurements for HRV, or heart rate variability.

HRV is an index of the activity of the autonomic nervous system, which informs us on how the body can react to stress and on the management of stress by the body.

The measurements presented below were made with the ANS analysis system

Easily reproducible by yourself

if you are fond of DATA, here are the profiles of the two people on whom these readings were taken by Daniela Nuti Ignatiuk, who practices in Italy.

Francesca (60 years old) measured 7 minutes before the exercises with a Waff analysis of the main parameters: The situation is good all parameters are in the green zone

  • HR ( purple ) indicates the average heart rate of the entire measurement.

  • Alpha 1 ( green ) indicates the regulatory coherence index of the autonomic nervous system.

  • SDDN ( orange ) indicates the variability of the heart rate

  • SI (red) indicates the activity of the sympathetic system (fight and flight: stress response)

  • RMSSD ( Blue) indicates the activity of the parasympathetic system (rest and digestion: regeneration)

The exercises started on two Waff Mini Classic, standing with one foot on each mini. Gentle mobilization of the lower body for 10 minutes.

  • HR increased normally during physical activity.

  • Alpha 1 is stable and SDDN increases with movement

  • SI shows a very significant decrease. Generally during physical activity it tends to increase in response to muscular effort.

  • RMSSD shows an increase only after 10 minutes of gentle exercise.

SI and RMSSD reflect the fact that the body is reorganizing itself towards the release of tension, less stress.

Laura (44 years old) measured 7 minutes before exercise with a Waff analysis of the main parameters: The situation is good all parameters are in the green zone

Here are the indices after 10 minutes of exercise on Waff Mini.

In this case, there is also a notable decrease in sympathetic activity, which highlights a strong reduction in the body's response to stress.


The measurements carried out and easily reproducible with other light measuring devices, demonstrate that Waff is an effective partner in the release of tension and stress. Waff helps the body to reorganize its regulation towards a regenerated state of health.

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