How the WAFF Mini Helps You Boost Balance and Strength Just Like An NBA Pro

Thomas’s training protocol has helped him recover from ankle surgery and take his game to the next level.

Andrew Thomas transformed his body with balance training.

His training is said to have involved doing squats and balance exercises, standing on top of a medicine ball. This flexible surface profoundly engages small muscles, enabling complex moves with flexibility and ease.

Building Balance and Strength

Are you curious how you can use similar methods to build balance and strength? While you may not be a pro athlete, you can use fitness technology such as a mini

WAFF Mini for balance and strength training. The WAFF is a pillow-like tool that provides a healthy challenge to develop your muscles. This innovative fitness technology can help you treat weak areas, prevent injury, and recover from injury.

For example, if you sprain your ankle, the muscles stop contracting in a coordinated manner. However, with fitness technology, it’s possible to retrain the muscles to work together and prevent future injury.

The best part is that this kind of technology is increasingly popular, so there are workshops, online training, and experts who can help you get started.

Finding Your Best Routines

Are you wondering where to begin?

For targeted work, especially when recovering from an injury, you may want to be more precise about your approach.

Here are a few resources to consider:

Find your favorite free workouts at WAFF Studio. Use the WAFF Mini in the Soft Gym method, to get your energy flowing and find a sense of well-being. You’ll find fresh ways to achieve your goals in areas of mobility, fitness, posture, and relaxation.

How the WAFF Mini Helps You Boost Balance and Strength Just Like An NBA Pro

Use your television time to also get a workout with the WAFF mini. You can even try it out while you’re watching your favorite NFL games!

Take small steps and increase gradually. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers exercise guidelines for physical activity. The current exercise recommendation is for 150 Minutes of moderate activity per week. If this sounds too challenging, start wherever you can. Start with a few minutes, and add minutes every day or week. In a short time, you’ll feel stronger and can enjoy the rewards of an active lifestyle.

Start where you are. Health experts advise starting wherever you are in terms of fitness. It’s very useful to not compare yourself to other people, friends, family members, or the class instructor.

Focus on posture while you’re working, reading, and in front of the computer. Try using a WAFF Mini on your desk chair. It helps you use your core strength to keep from slouching.

Get familiar with the benefits of exercise. If you’ve been avoiding exercise or it is something that you’re doing less of during the pandemic, don’t despair. Instead of beating yourself up, get familiar with the benefits of activity.

Talk with your doctor or medical provider. Find out if they have specific exercise recommendations, as well as if they have physical therapists within their practice.

A medical referral can give you peace of mind, as well as assist with insurance coverage.

Talk with a physical therapist. Physical therapists are trained in helping people recover from injury, restore flexibility, and achieve balance, Often a physical

How the WAFF Mini Helps You Boost Balance and Strength Just Like An NBAPro

therapist can help you find a greater range of motion, more ease, and more strength than you had before surgery or injury.

Let’s Level Up

Getting active has many rewards for mental and physical health. When you see the value spelled out, it can be easier to get in your daily WAFF Workouts.

Learn New WAFF Moves to Do at Home

Take your floor workout to a more challenging level. The WAFF Mini is like a pillow that provides an unstable surface so your body uses more muscles to stabilize.

You may see a brand new level of balance, strength, and resilience. After using this tool, you may feel inspired to build strength in your arms, legs, back, and core.

Create Your Home Workout Space

While you’re looking at working out more at home, create a space where you can do your workout without difficulty.

Organize your home-workout area so that you don’t have to move piles, shift furniture, or negotiate with housemates. And, yes, having a portable fitness tool makes it easier to work, even in a small area.

Make Time To Recover and Relax

Getting in top physical shape isn’t only about exercising. It’s essential to include time for recovery and relaxation.

Many pro athletes and professionals working from home find a sense of cloud-like relief by lying or sitting on a WAFF. This cushion of relaxation can be especially rewarding after a long workout or a tough day.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to help you give your body a break, you may just have found your answer.

Explore Body Awareness

Working with your fitness tool, you are likely to discover a new dimension of body awareness. You may notice things that you’re stronger on one side of your body. You may discover more flexibility in one hip or shoulder. This could be from previous injury,

Usage, stress, or exercise.

How the WAFF Mini Helps You Boost Balance and Strength Just Like An NFL Pro

Use your explorations to expand your awareness, attention, and gradual activity. It’s entirely possible to find a new sense of body ease. With this approach, it’s easier to improve posture, range of motion, balance, and strength.

You may notice that changing your breath also influences how easily you can balance,

stretch, or lift. Take the time to explore and grow your body awareness. This investment in your physical presence can help you recover from injury and transform how you move during and beyond a workout session.

Prevent Injuries

Get inspired by the pros. Many professional athletes know that investing in body awareness is the smartest way to prevent injuries. By taking time to engage fully, you can also recover from injuries, steer clear of setbacks, and prevent injuries.

You don’t have to be a pro-athlete to enjoy playing sports, living an active lifestyle, and being flexible. By making fitness technology like the WAFF Mini part of your life, It’s easier to transform your fitness to new heights just like the NBA pros.

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