Basketball Star Uses Waff to Elevate Her Game and Recover From Injury

Amanda attributes her recovery routine with Waff as being the reason for better strength, balance, and even higher quality sleep.

Zahui B credits her recovery and performance to using a Waff during workouts and implementing a routine developed with Fabrice Gautier.

Gautier is a Health and Performance specialist, an osteopath, and a licensed physical therapist.

Sports Stars Love WAFF

Zahui is not alone in benefiting from using a WAFF in exercise and recovery training. To enhance their athletic strength, flexibility, and balance, several superstars are using the WAFF cushion to take their game to the next level.

You’ll recognize the names of NFL quarterback Russel Wilson, and running back Todd Gurley. You may know NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Kevin Love — each has been seen using the WAFF.

Elevate Your Game

While you may not be a star athlete like Zahui B, this unique tool can help you take your physical fitness to the next level.

Learn from the great sports stars—make a WAFF part of your daily exercise routine.

Bounce Back From Injury

Are you suffering from an old or recent injury?

Star athletes are using this unique tool to recover quickly from injury. Instead of letting an injury sideline you, use the WAFF to build balance, boost strength and enhance flexibility.

Whether you’re working on your own or with a trainer, try new workouts with WAFF to enhance your recovery

Use the mini to develop balance and explore greater dimensions of balance. The petite flexible surface challenges muscles and tendons to get engaged. You can use it to stand on, with a single foot or with two cushions, one under each foot. Practice standing, walking and standing on one foot.

Instead of relying exclusively on big muscle groups, you’ll involve tiny muscles in building balance. This may be the key to unlocking full recovery, but also to achieve greater agility, flexibility, and strength—even after an injury.

Turn On Your Core

In sports and daily life, it’s essential to engage your core for optimal strength, balance, and energy. With the WAFF mini and moderate size, you may feel your core involved like never before.

Try adapting your current workout, using the WAFF to create an unstable surface. Practice poses such as push-ups, downward dogs, and planks using the WAFF to engage the core.

You may find that like Zahui B, the WAFF quickly becomes your go-to tool for daily routines.

Enhance RelaxationAfter working out, be sure to take time to relax and decompress. There's nothing quite as calming and relaxing as the feeling you’ll encounter on the WAFF MAX.

It is often compared to floating in a calm space.If you have a WAFF MAX as part of your home routine, take your experience deeper with an eye pillow or eye covering. You’ll enjoy the remarkable feeling of having all the stress dissolve from your body and mind.Like Zahui B, you could discover a different and more positive experience of sleeping.

Many people find that a higher quality of sleep is very beneficial for overall health, sports performance, and creativity.

Using the WAFF MAX can be a way to leave the cares and worries of the day behind.On the WAFF Max, you may enjoy the feeling of being held in the comfort of a deeply relaxing cushion.

This helps your body get used to letting go, relaxing, and feeling refreshed. Although you may be practicing on the WAFF Max during the day, many people report improved sleep in both quality and duration.Living an Active and Healthy LifestyleFor many people, watching professional sports is about inspiration. You love watching star athletes but are not truly aiming to become one. Instead, you may have an aspiration to live a healthy and active lifestyle.To achieve your goals, consider your aspirations and priorities.

  • Do you want to recover from an injury?

  • Do you want to feel happy with your weight?

  • Do you want to boost strength, cardio-capability, or balance?

  • Do you want to have more energy?

  • Do you want to sleep better?

The WAFF is a new tool that is unstable and can be used in many workouts as well as in daily life to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Experiment, Explore, and PlayTry using the WAFF mini, medium, and moderate in daily life as well as in your workouts. Use this portable, easy-to-use tool to boost your fitness, enhance balance, recover from injury, improve posture, and enhance relaxation.

Try these simple activities and have some fun as you experiment and explore.

The WAFF comes in three sizes and each one has some unique advantages.

The mini is great for integrating instability into floor and standing exercises. The handy size makes it a go-to tool for everything from crunches, push-ups, and planks, to standing exercises for balance. Use the mini to engage small muscles and take your workout up a level. With this handy and portable tool, you can adapt just about any exercise to a higher level of effectiveness.In addition to exercising, experiment with using the WAFF mini to help your posture while at the computer.

It raises your hips to help prevent slouching. Experiment with adding a WAFF mini at your lower back for extra support while sitting.The medium size is ideal for muscle strengthening stretching and cardio muscular training. If your body has gotten used to your daily routine, use the WAFF to mix things up and fire up your muscles in new ways.To recover, head to the WAFF Max for relaxation and decompression. You may feel as if you’re resting and floating on a cloudlike surface.

WAFF is an exercise recovery tool. It’s the hottest tool for improving balance, developing stability, improving strength, and engaging core muscles.

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