Each exercice sequence shows you placement and movement. How many time you repeat each exercise is up to you. With each session, you will make progress, allowing you to tailor your routine to your ow


This program is designed to tone the deep muscle chains, in order to improve core stabilization and toning.

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This program stimulates the balance from the feet to the head

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Soft Gym

This program serves to gently mobilize the whole body in its daily life.

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This program allows you to burn calories. It's intensity increases your cardiovascular system, and strengthens your muscles.

With a Waff Mini

With A Waff Medium

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This program aims to sculpt and refine your silouhette

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This program helps to relax and soften the muscles. It also helps to rest and releive the joints.

With The Waff Mini

With the Waff Medium

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Back Pain

This program shows you how to relieve or prevent back pain. To be done every day without moderation, when you are in a seated work position, on the half inflated Waffmini.

This program brings you results from the first minute.

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pageBack Pain

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