Learning how to relax will change your life

The WAFF experience is unique and offers the possibility of falling asleep more quickly. You will be able to decompress while discovering ethereal spheres.

According to health professionals, muscle relaxation improves our brain and motor performance.

Comfortable bedding is also essential for our well-being.

How to relax and finally let go?

Our physiological needs must be met to ensure our good health. Our longevity depends on it. Eating, drinking and sleeping are the three main vital pillars. Relaxation comes in 4th place on the basic necessities podium. Moreover, relaxation has a positive influence on the quality of our sleep and avoids health problems. In addition, it acts on cognitive and emotional issues.

No need for the medical review or to know that you need to relax. On the way to full development, it is therefore essential to learn to relax. Giving a boost to our parasympathetic system is essential. The latter is responsible for slowing down our heart rate.

It is imperative to reduce stress hormones as much as possible. Guilty of altering our mental health, they send signals causing physical pain, such as low back pain and contractures among others.

An unprecedented sensory relaxation to managing stress.

Eventually before medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, get over it and try a Waff Max.

A parenthesis of absolute relaxation allows a privileged connection to the emotions. You will discover sensations similar to those which you experienced in the mother's womb.

Don’t worry, it is not a difficult relaxation technique, on the contrary it is a simple and passive way of relaxation exercise. The WAFF Max is a cocoon. A bubble. A real sensory cradle.

Our ergonomic cushions are optimized and patented. With our different models, you will inevitably find your happiness!

Sit in your Waff Max and close your eyes ! At least thirty minutes, with soft music in the background. A few drops of organic lavender essential oil placed in a gentle heat diffuser.

You are now ready to experience an incredible moment of pleasure. Relaxation causes a drop in body temperature. A plaid arranged on your pretty relaxed figure will not be too much and it’s a good idea.

To choose the right model, nothing could be simpler, just take your size as a reference. For people taller than 1.98 meters, the Waff King Elite is a must. The Waff Max will be perfect for most adults and teenagers. The Waff Medium is ideal for infants, children of all ages and small builds.

Concentrate on your sensations and avoid any muscle contractions. In order to truly let go, do some belly breathing exercises. Slowly inflate your abdomen and then breathe out at regular intervals. You increase your stress relief. You can feel your blood pressure down to become calm and relaxed. The mind and body harmonize and the progressive muscle relaxation grow minute after minute. All the muscle groups are impacted.

Deep breathing benefits the whole body. It decreases anxiety, improves posture, sleep and strengthens the immune system. By increasing the oxygenation of the blood supplying all the limbs, the whole body is positively stimulated. You never hold your breath on a Waff Max during the experience. Are your days intensely paced? An incise of ten minutes in your schedule will do you the greatest good!

The best relaxation postures

After a long day of work or an intensive workout, relaxing is essential. Preferably in a quiet and dimly lit place. This will have a significant impact on your well-being. On your psyche too. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the best postural suggestions to significantly lower your stress level.

* Normal horizontal supine position

The body is lying on its back, respecting the alignment of the head, neck and trunk. Semi-Fowler at 30 °, body lying on its back, head and feet raised at 30 °. These two positions open the diaphragm and allow optimal ventilation of the postero-inferior lung areas. Providing excellent distribution of body weight, these postures prevent tissue deformation reducing pressure and shear.

* Horizontal prone position

The body is lying on the stomach. The arms flex between 30 ° and 75 ° positioned to the side or forward. Head on the left or right side, respecting the alignment of the neck and the trunk. This position favors rib breathing. It provides normal ventilation of the lungs. Dig your back to the minimum and try to relax your neck.

* Lateral decubitus

The body is lying on the left or right side, respecting the alignment of the head, neck and trunk. This positioning induces a release of the respiratory tract. Pregnant women should

position themselves only on the left. Also called PLS, this position is used in a life-threatening emergency as a first aid gesture.

* Anterior fetal position

The body is folded with the head tilted forward. Your chin down. The rounded spine. Legs and arms folded towards the bust at 90 °. This positioning relieves back pain. It also promotes falling asleep. Better to bend one leg and straighten the other to relieve your pelvis.

If you prefer to relax sitting at the desk, the Waff Mini is for you. This nomadic support is very practical. Ultra-light and easy to inflate in seconds. During your lunch break, it allows you to live an ultra-beneficial relaxing experience. You can use it anytime, anywhere. He will be your best ally.

* Sitting

The body is supported on the buttocks and the back of the thighs, head, bust and legs straight vertically. Biomechanical adaptation of the human body, this common work posture promotes musculoskeletal and circulatory disorders. Place the Waff Mini under your buttocks. ideally inflated from 30% to 50%, it will instantly correct your usual posture. And will eliminate these inconveniences in the long term. Your spine will be perfectly aligned. Your pelvis, relieved.

More than a functional tool, the Waff is the ideal solution to relieve stress and take care of yourself.

This essential medium has been designed to maximize your internal sensations. It's up to you to choose yours now! By adopting a daily relaxation routine, your overall health will improve day by day.

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