Find time for fitness in your busy life by using the Waff while you work.

The half-inflated Waff mini works like a vertebra: stable in its center and mobile around its perimeter. Accessible, easy to set up, mobile, it follows you everywhere.

Matt Cooper says, sedentary lifestyle decreases us, we have to move!

What to do when you spend at least 4 hours in a sitting position?

Until now the office sitting was behind many muscle tension. Upper shoulder pain, neck pain, aching lower back, low back pain. This position does not stimulate the movement of the human body.

We offer you a simple and gentle experience to get your body back in motion, during your working time. This ensures that you have regular physical activity and play sports. Working from home or at the office, this solution works in each area. It must be admitted that for some, the period covid-19 vaccination has changed the habits. Stay home to work or return to the office, both are possible with our solution.

The half-inflated Waff mini works like a vertebra: stable in its center and mobile around its perimeter. Accessible, easy to set up, mobile, it follows you everywhere.

A Waff mini weighs 250 grams and will allow you to set up new habits at work. And since you work a lot, it will complement your office chair. The Waff Mini is the most discreet of allies for regular physical activity, without appearing to be.

Discreetly installed under your buttocks, the Waff Mini helps correct your posture, just sit on it to feel it instantly. In 30 seconds you perceive the beneficial contribution, in 30 minutes you realize that it is sustainable. Your spine will align and your pelvis will resume its mobility. Indeed the micro movements will develop a reaction imperceptible visually, but permanent.

With your foot on the ground, you will be able, by light impulses from the heel or the tip of the foot, to mobilize your pelvis.

The positive effects are manifold.

If you work standing desk you can put both feet on the Waff mini and keep your balance on it for a period of two minutes for example.

You free your pelvis, this increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles of the entire back, from the lower back to the neck. Less tension, more energy your posture is accomplished while respecting your lines of balance. It gets better and you can feel it from the first moment.

Movement is life. Now there is the Mini WAFF

Continuously improving your posture,


In sitting on mini Waff your entire musculature is requested.

Find your comfortable position

Unlock your knees, feet on the ground, straighten up, listen to your internal sensations Gently

mobilize your pelvis with slow back and forth movements.

These back and forth movements free your pelvis, you gain in range of motion because the Waff mini, through its ergonomics, supports you and amplifies your possibilities.

When you have fully integrated what the Waff Mini gives you, you then move on to the next exercise.

Now, feet on the ground a little apart, you make small circles to the right or to the left with your pelvis.

Shift your body weight by doing slow pelvic rotations. Do not rest with your hands on your desk, it is the pelvis that works.

Make the return movement and try to support yourself on your heels, more than on the flat of the foot.

The well-symmetrical supports and the fluid pelvis, start to breathe more deeply.

Feel your internal sensations, listen to your body while continuing to work.

Each small voluntary exercise lasts 2-3 minutes, just enough time to feel your coordination improve. (See videos)

From the first day, you are already more energy efficient and less in tension. Beyond your voluntary exercises, the Waff Mini reacts to all your movements and actively participates in working all your muscles. More particularly the muscles of the trunk and the muscles of the back.


The 244 degrees of possible mobility are not exploited while seated. The perineum takes on the load from the viscera, the spine contracts, our muscular system becomes hypotonic. We have to move.


For the more active or the most active, we offer you this video which will show you the essentials of the physical exercises that you can perform while working out.

The notion of fun and playful interest guarantee you continuity. At your workstation you experience bodily a moment of pleasure and play. You play sports without seeming to do so and this will prevent you from suffering or even injury. Large international groups or small VSEs have set up Waff Mini, and they never tire of it.

The Waff Mini have the ability to perform exercises that are not very demanding on the muscles, in exercises that are always SIMPLE but very STRONG on the muscles. The Waff Mini amplifies internal sensations.

Our solutions are faster and the feeling is instantaneous, in our time the solutions must work immediately. The working days follow one another and your daily routine guarantees a well-being, which will also benefit you during the weekend. This will prevent injury if you decide to take the time to run.

We help you put movement back into your daily life, and allow you to move more, to move better. The presence of a sports coach in your company will allow you to discover new uses for your Waff mini.

The Waff Mini helps you develop your daily physical activity in the workplace. A permanent micro session of sports, whether it is feet parallel to the ground or legs stretched out, it does the maximum, to give you the impetus towards a mobile body, in shape and in better health.

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