With a Waff Mini

1 - Muscle your buttocks and increase your heart rate.

2 - Requires your active sheathing.

3 - Increases your cardio respiratory rhythm, while working the thighs and glutes.

4 - Requires your active sheathing.

5 - Works the entire abdominal muscles.

6 - Works all the muscles of the body.

With a Waff Medium

1 - Involves your entire abdominal core.

2 - Works the buttocks and thighs.

Take the time to place yourself properly on the waff..

3 - Involves the buttocks, the thights and the abs..

4 - Involves the abductors.

Hold your feet tightly on the back of the Waff..

5 - Strengthens the buttocks and thights.

Take the sumo position..

6 - Strengthens the buttocks and thighs.

Take the squat position..

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