How the WAFF Mini Unlocks Back Strength and Keeps Your Back Healthy

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the lower back is one of the most common areas of pain.

How can you ensure a strong lower back?

The lower back is one of the areas that active people rely on but tend not to exercise.

Why? We mostly think of getting a strong part of the body that we can see quads and stomach for example.

A strong lower back is key to an active lifestyle, flexibility, and staying injury free.

How To Steer Clear of Back Pain

The lower back is an area of the body that we rely on for support. We may not think of it much until there is an injury. Sometimes back pain starts with a little tweak or twinge.

Other times, a casual action like picking up a sock off the floor sends back muscles into spasm.

At other times, sports activities cause back pain. For instance, if you’re lifting weights and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, the lower back can be the place where you feel the blow. An intense lower back workout is the time and place that many weight lifters get injured.

How can you keep your back strong, and prevent low back injury?

Easy Low Back Workouts

Don’t wait until you get hurt to think about exercising your lower back. Be proactive and build gentle low back exercises into your regular workouts.

Try these fun and easy workouts to get started.

Sitting Workout

One of the best ways to relieve low back pain is to use a Waff Mini while sitting. You can do this at a workstation, desk, or even a home office in the kitchen.

Notice how you are sitting on a flexible surface. This ergonomic shift can help you develop a new sense of alignment. Even if your back has been hurting for some time, sitting on a Waff Mini is a way to naturally relieve low back pain.

The ergonomic cushion provides a fun, elegant, and convenient way to develop back strength and relieve back pain. Plus, it doesn’t take extra time, effort, or even the cost of a gym membership. You can do a sitting workout while you do the rest of your life at home, at work, or even in the backyard.

Whether you are self-employed, or part of a larger corporation, explore the benefits of changing your sitting posture with a Waff Mini.

Large corporations such as Iconmedia Direct and L’Oreal have selected this equipment for their staff in headquarters. If you are part of a large business, or if you’re a solo entrepreneur, you can make The Waff Mini your best partner for back health.

Balance and Support

Use your sitting time to switch positions and gently find new centers of balance. The Waff Mini goes from the horizontal to the vertical, from below the buttocks to the lower back. Resting and balancing produce a sensation of support, especially for areas of pain or tension.

Gently rock and balance on the cushion, both forward and back, and side to side. Find a gentle rocking to engage the micro-muscles.

Build Endurance

Exercise regularly with gentle exercises that are appropriate for your age and fitness. The Waff Mini builds endurance and strength for the core muscles, core flexors, spinal erectors, and the entire abdominal strap. Simply by sitting, you will naturally be involved in a series of micro-movements. These almost imperceptible movements constantly improve muscle responsiveness while promoting blood flow.

The very construction of the Waff Mini makes it easy to strengthen the balance lines of the body. With small mobilization exercises, build your strength while sitting at your desk or armchair.

Experiment and Enjoy

While you can sit, balance, and build strength on the Waff Mini, also experiment with unique ways to use it. Try using this flexible surface as lumbar support. Adjust the placement to discover unique ways to support the spine, mobilize the pelvis, and provide a flexible surface for each side of your back.

Check out new routines by taking workshops, online training, and working with experts who can help you get started.

Finding Your Best Routines

Are you wondering where to begin to grow stronger and improve resilience in your back?

Here are a few resources to consider:

Find your favorite free workouts at WAFF Studio. Get your energy flowing and find a sense of well-being. You’ll find fresh ways to achieve your goals for back strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

Transform your television time into a workout. Experiment with sitting on the WAFF Mini on the floor, carpet, or chair. Try gentle rocking movements while watching a favorite show, film, or sports event.

Use a Waff Mini while you are sitting on a stool in the kitchen. Enjoy stress-free cooking while watching a cooking show. Use your core strength and back flexibility to keep from slouching.

Talk with your doctor or medical provider. Find out if they have specific recommendations. A medical referral or guidance can give you peace of mind, as well as assist with insurance coverage.

Talk with a physical therapist. Physical therapists are trained in helping people recover from injury, restore flexibility, and build strength. Working with a physical therapist can help you boost strength, possibly more than you had before surgery or injury.

Maintain a healthy weight and watch your diet. Get sufficient calcium to support your bones and muscles.

Experiment with finding the best ergonomic posture while sitting. Explore putting a stack of books, cushion, or small stool under your feet to provide additional lumbar support.

Pay attention to how you lift objects. Don’t try to lift heavy objects without paying close attention to alignment and posture. The classic advice is to lift from the knees, not from the back. Additionally, be careful not to twist while lifting as this puts additional strain on the back muscles.

Vary sitting positions while working, writing, and doing focused close work. Get up frequently to stretch, move, and shift your posture.

Getting active in daily life has many rewards for mental and physical health.

Healthy Back and Healthy Living

Working with your fitness tool, you can boost back strength, increase flexibility and prevent injury. Take time to discover all the different ways to play, have fun, and develop back strength.

Keep refining your exercise routines to support a healthy back and healthy lifestyle.

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