How WAFF Boosts Awareness, Balance, and Flexibility In Your Workouts

The WAFF helps you take your standard workout to a whole new level.

Because it is so versatile, many professional athletes and trainers are making it part of their fitness workouts.

What Is a WAFF?

A WAFF is a large inflatable disk. It is a balance trainer that comes in three different sizes, making it very useful for a myriad of body-boosting activities.

You can use the WAFF to introduce a new level of challenge in core workouts and lower-body workouts. You can relax on a WAFF Max to stretch and release tension. Or you can slip a WAFF mini onto your office chair and build better posture.

The WAFF has become a core part of fitness routines, and you’ll see it in many home gyms, health clubs, and virtual training gyms. It is portable, flexible, and easy to move around.

It’s the perfect compliment to help you take your home workout to a higher level. It targets tiny muscles that are usually missed when working simply with weights.

The flexibility of the WAFF offers a new experience of instability and bounce, ideal for improving cardio and strength training. It also can be a surface for stretching, releasing the tension, and restoring a sense of calm.

How To Use a WAFF

The WAFF is like a stability trainer, that has more durability and substance. You can use it to stand on, sit on, lie on, or push against. It is great for taking your cardio, core training, and lower body routines to a next level.

You can also use it as a platform to create an unstable surface for upper body moves such as push-ups, downward-facing dog, or planks. The instability pushes the body to engage tiny muscles, creating a new dimension of agile strength.

Let’s explore a few ways to create a more challenging workout with the WAFF.


Are you looking for a fresh approach to cardio? Use the WAFF to add variety with side lunges, squats, and curtsies. You can also integrate it into step routines for choreographed cardio combinations.

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Core Training

Are you working on a stronger core? The WAFF creates an unstable surface that engages the tiny muscles much more than you may have experienced before.

Try sitting on a WAFF while doing abdominal exercises. Use it for lower back exercises such as back extensions and Pilates exercises to get at core muscles.


Do you want to be more flexible? The WAFF can help you increase your range of motion without adding stress. Simply use the WAFF as a base to stand or kneel while you’re stretching. Use this with your hip flexor or hamstring stretches.

If you’re just getting started, start using the WAFF between you and a wall. This helps you adapt to the instability, as you get used to the surface.

Sports Conditioning

Are you seeking to perfect your fitness for a particular sport? Many sports rely on agility, balance, and flexibility. While you may be preparing to ski, snowboard, or surf, working with the WAFF can help you engage the muscles and flexibility you need.

You can practice these dimensions of proprioception training, right in the comfort of your own home workout space.

Use the WAFF to increase your agility while doing side leaps, squats, and performance drills. Experiment with adding the WAFF to your strength-building and flexibility moves so that you can simulate the same resilience as you would encounter during real sports.

Strength Training

Grab your WAFF and start challenging yourself in strength workouts. Use the WAFF to create variety in your biceps curls, push-ups, or triceps workouts. If you prefer, use weights while pressing against a WAFF to add a balance challenge to your traditional workouts.

ABCs: What the WAFF Does For You

Doing exercises on a WAFF helps you to engage tiny muscles as you constantly interact with a changing surface. Standing on a flexible surface pushes you to cultivate active balance, strength, and awareness.

In addition to the more obvious benefits, the WAFF engages your proprioceptive skills such as:

Awareness: The WAFF helps you develop kinesthetic awareness. This is the mindfulness of how your body moves in space. This deep awareness helps increase balance, range of motion, and ease of moving.

Balance: The WAFF pushes you to cultivate active balance. You will constantly be working tiny muscles called stabilizer muscles. These help you stay balanced at your core, upper, and lower body.

Connection: The WAFF helps you connect your awareness of joint position in relation to your movement. This is what trainers refer to as ‘proprioception.’ You may find that just a short time on the WAFF it easier to turn on the awareness of your movements. You might notice the benefits in daily activities such as lifting, balancing, and walking, start to feel easier.

Add Some Fun To Your Workouts

There’s no question that after the global pandemic and lockdown, we’re ready for some lighter days. It’s time to add some fun to your workouts.

If you’re working out solo, use the WAFF to get creative and add variety to your normal routines. If you’re working out with videos, add the WAFF for extra challenge and fun.

You can experiment to also up your game in workouts such as Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, and Sports Conditioning.

For instance, if you are looking to change up your Yoga routine, add a WAFF to a traditional yoga pose. Experiment with doing Downward Dog or Three-legged Dog with a WAFF. Alternatively, try out the Triangle pose with a WAFF. Use your creativity to stretch yourself into new levels of strength, balance, and poise.

WAFF Workout Options

Not sure where to begin?

Head over to the great options at Waff Studio. You’ll find workout routines that help you integrate your WAFF into your daily and weekly schedule.

As you experiment with the different offerings at Waff Studio, keep a log of which routines you like most. You might find one that helps you relax and develop calm. Another could help you boost your heart rate and achieve your cardio fitness goals.

With a little investigation and experimentation, you’ll create a menu for workouts. With this, you can mix and match to support your evolving fitness priorities.

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