Improve your balance, Strenght and Flexibility

Lebron James is using the Waff Mini Elites to get his ankles ready to play 40 minutes of basketball, injury-free.

We bet you've never seen a core ball designed this way: The Waff™ is light, easy to inflate, easy to transport and fun to workout with.

It’s designed to improve your balance and stability, your cardio and endurance while also providing muscular strength and flexibility. All with the same accessible device. That's why the best athletes in the world recommend adding a Waff™ to your workout.

Have a core that is strong is the most vital part of your overall body.

Think of your abdomen as the center of all of your actions and that your arms are like the limbs of a tree.

Without the trunk of the tree to support the limbs you have nothing.The core is your center of gravity and everything in your body is balanced from your core.

  • Eliminate Back Pain

  • Improve Balance and Stability

  • Upright Posture

  • Helps with Physical Therapy

  • Improve Performances

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