Sleep disorders, the consequence of several factors

Professor Guy Cheron has been studying sleep and recovery for many years.

Their conclusion is clear, a good quality of sleep is essential

for the balance of the individual and his good health depends for the most part on it.

It analyses the sleep wake cycle, and the sleep behaviors too. The scientists are gaining a better understanding of their sleep study results.

He and his counterparts around the world are progressing in data analysis and measuring with more relevance the impact of related sleep and slow sleep, but also the intake of sleep REM and light sleep on health.

All generations are affected by lack of sleep or nocturnal awakenings, and they . The causes are multiple and are now well known to most of those who suffer from multiple sleep disorders.

The use of smartphones before falling asleep, the times of our modernity and their attendant complexity, the lack of physical activity, not to mention the many pathologies that lead to lack of sleep or too poor recovery.

How to sleep better, get a full night's sleep.

We must try to understand the origins of sleep deprivation. Bedtime is important, but also its regularity. We must succeed in settling, but what do we do when we are feeling tired ?

It is necessary to impose a routine before falling asleep, spending a restful night and staying asleep. Obviously avoid all types of stimulants, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, drugs.

There are techniques, remedies, drugs for the treatment of sleep disturbances and nocturnal awakenings. The offer of sleep medicine is important, and everyone should try to find the solution that suits them. The promises of results are numerous but do not always work.

On this subject, a new solution is also proving its worth, resulting from work for the recovery of professional athletes. Beyond the circle of athletes, this solution also benefits people suffering from insomnia, completely out of step adolescents, distressed people, people in pain, depending on the health conditions of each. According to the American academy of sleep medicine, all age groups are affected. Dr Laurent Schmitt

  • Nicolas L, 34, sales manager, hyper stressed, amputated his vital energy by a permanent sleep deficit with a negative impact on his circadian rhythm. He discovered Waff Max at one of his clients and adopted it to impose restful nights on himself as soon as he felt the need.

  • Michele B, 64, retired executive in the pharmaceutical sector, could no longer sleep following the disappearance of her husband. She tried a lot of things to no avail to soothe her nights. She quickly managed to regain a good quality of sleep by using the Waff Max. It hasn't eliminated her pain, but she is much less tired.

  • Herve C, 60 years old entrepreneur in the technological sector, had suffered from chronic insomnia for a few years before discovering the Waff Max. He finally found the support that allowed him to get rid of this recurring disorder.

  • Evan F, 29 years old, professional athlete, could not sleep because of permanent displacement for its championship in the American League. Air travel and long distances, plus the jet lag made her exhaustion. Successfully reprogrammed quality sleep with the Waff Max.

  • Lola P, 16, a college student, had been postponing her fall asleep for many months and was no longer really fit to attend school. Her lack of concentration was detrimental to her, she managed to regain an acceptable hour to fall asleep to the greatest satisfaction of her parents.

  • Christine R, 46, a high school history teacher could no longer do at least one full night a week. Adopt Waff Max periodically and now sleeps like a baby.

As a warning during discussions and exchanges with users in different medical conditions, we inform you that we do not have significant results for people with central sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea.

7 days to regain deep, restful sleep.

A 20-minute session each evening, for 7 days after a shower for example and just before going to bed, will allow you to restore deep restful sleep.

The promise to change your nights is kept. Moreover, hardly will you have finished the session, that your body will impose on you the desire for sleep.

Lying on your back, comfortably installed, we recommend that you bring a blanket, because your body will drop in temperature. This is normal, it is one of the consequences of relaxation. Remember to sit down with your feet off the ground. The Waff Max is suitable for people up to 1.97 meters tall.

From the first seconds, your body sends the signal to the brain to abandon postural defenses. This has the effect of relaxing you, you then go into ventral breathing instinctively. Belly breathing is a technique that can take a long time to acquire, some of you know it.

Thanks to the ergonomics of the Waff Max you spontaneously reach this state. Muscle relaxation progresses minute after minute, your breathing and small imperceptible movements are echoed in the structure of the ergonomic cushion. This maintains the contribution of the kinesthetic effect that accompanies you and rocks you.

One after the other, muscle tension melts, and a somewhat regressive feeling overwhelms you. You come back to yourself and you feel like you're in your bubble. You remain conscious but in a daze, free from gravity.

Your parasympathetic system is impacted, your heart rate has slowed down, you feel liquid, you might say.

Nothing can reach you, your feeling of security psycho-bodily is total, you have just started the last part of the session. The one where you reconnect with deep calm, or you discover a new and beneficial internal sensation. Letting go can go on and on, let yourself go, listen to your body.You will find the way to relieve restless legs syndrome rls.

This is your first session on the Waff Max, you have just discovered what one can feel, you must now decide to leave it. You are 20 minutes later, but the notion of time has disappeared. Provide a small audible alarm accordingly or ask a third party to come and warn you of the elapsed time.

The first session is that of integration, that of understanding what you will be able to experience with the Waff Max. You have to find the willpower to get out of it to go, immediately sink into your bed and start your restful night.

For the following sessions, now that you know what it has done on you, you decide how much time you want to spend. Some will be surprised, out of the time initially allocated. Thus, over a period of 7 days, you will be able to reprogram a body capable of the essential pleasure of sleep.

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