3 basic things to get started

We want to give you some head start to start with the basics and then slowly explore all the features of your Waff.

The Waff amplifies the feeling for a better integration of the physical potential of the user.

  • The Waff allows all the qualities of muscular work, offering both a secure environment and the elimination of support zones that can cause discomfort or pain.
  • The Waff makes it possible to work all the parts of the body with an optimal recruitment of the muscular chains, without articular overwork.

The whole body is solicited.

  • The Waff develops physical qualities: coordination, strength, power, stability, mobility, proprioception, reaction speed. The images are never spectacular but the internal sensations are, the exercises are shorter and more effective at the same time.
  • The variety of possibilities and the permanent fun aspect offer long hours of pleasure to users.

All parts of the body are, depending on the exercises and Waff used, solicited

Foot & Ankle
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Here are the 3 basic things for you to get started.
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Each Waff is unique, with different indications and objectives

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